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All images on ths site are the property of the original photographer and may not be copied or used in any way without their express written permission.

The site contains photographs taken over the last fifteen years in the Grand Lake area. There are 26 Photo Albums dedicated to specific subjects like Mountains, Water, Trails, Trees, Wild Critters (9), the Sky, Meadows, Flowers, Up Close Images, Birds, Fall, Spring, Old Wood, Grand Rocks, and Grand Winter. Additionally, there are 19 Virtual Hike Albums dedicated to specfic hikes , and each month, I add a featured image as the "Photo Of The Month". A good way to get started is to take The Grand Tour which is an album that contains sample images from many of the other albums.

And, when I see a photo I really like, I ask the artist if I can post it in the Guest Shots Section. Guest artists are from all over the world!

I also collect Jazz recordings and love to talk about and discover new ones, so I have also included a section on Jazz.

This site originated as a part of - Annie G's Web Site. Its purpose was to let potential clients get a feel for the special environment in and around Grand Lake. If you are interested in real estate in the Grand County area, I suggest that you visit Annie's Site

And, of course, every site must have a little biography of the owner, and a way to contact him.   Enjoy!


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