The Tonahutu Trail

Images from along the Tonahutu Trail.

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The trailhead for the Tonahutu trail is located on Portal Road in the town of Grand Lake. The parking area is used for this trail and the North Inlet Trail.
This virtual hike is for the section of the Tonahutu Traill from the trail head to the south end of Big Meadow. A nice shuttle trip can be made by combining this trail with the Green Mountain Trail.
The trail follows Tonahutu Creek and one is always within earshot of the creek. There are many little cascades and waterfalls along the route and in the springtime the lower sections of the trail is often lined with wild flowers.
This hike is about 8 miles round trip and one neat options is to take a picnic lunch and enjoy a long break in Big Meadow. It's a great place to take some pictures.