The Onahu Creek Route

Images from along Onahu Creek .

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Onahu Creek Route. This is not a trail, but a cross country route. It should not be attempted unless the hiker is well versed in cross country travel and navigation. Although this is a difficult trip this route offers an awesome experience with many pleasant sights and images to capture. The route departs from the cross walk of the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) on Trial Ridge Road about mile past the Onahu Trailhead. It follows the CDT for about mile and then departs the trail and crosses a large meadow. On the other side of the meadow climb the ridge and follow it as it parallels Onahu Creek. Try and keep the creek in sight and when you spot a large wooden bridge descend to the Onahu Trail. Cross the bridge and follow the trail to the CDT. Follow the CDT back to your starting point.
This summer I took an alternate route and added more pictures. I took Onahu Creek Trail to the third bridge and then followed the south side of the creek to the Continental divide Trail. Lots of neat meadow and forest land . At the large meadow follow the Continental Divide Trail back to the Onahu Creek Trail and the trailhead.