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  Marko On Top Of Baker Mountain

My name is Marko. My wife Annie and I, and our two dogs, Moose and Little Bear, live in Grand Lake, Colorado. Annie and I have three daughters, two sons-in-law, and four Grand Children. Little Bear is our little dog even though he weighs 75 pounds. Moose is our big boy - 105 pounds. They both love to run in the woods.

I was born in Brooklyn, New York a long, long, time ago. I like to tell people that Grand Lake is a long way from Brooklyn - and it is!

Grand Lake is at the western entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park at an altitude of about 8500 feet. There are also several winderness areas and a National forest surrounding the town. Grand Lake is a great town and in a great location. In the summer, I hike, fish, and climb with my hiking buddy Rick. In the winter Annie and I ski (mostly at Winter Park-Mary Jane) and snowshoe in the park and on our neighborhood trail. I often carry a camera and have taken lots of pictures of the area.

While living in California, Annie and I did lots of backpacking in the Sierra. One year we hiked the whole John Muir Trail. After spending six weeks in the wilderness, we decided that we did not belong in a city. It took us about 20 years and lots of moves, but in 2003 we made it to the Colorado mountains.

Grand Lake is a very special place. Its a small town with a full time population of less than 500 people. Grand County is also small with a population of around 10,000. Historically, the residents of Grand Lake have made their own fun. There are some archived newspaper articles describing Saturday night dances that started at sunset and lasted till sunrise. There is an Arts Council here that puts on lots of events. Grand Lake is also the home of The Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre. The REP puts on live musical comedy all summer long. I have been a volunteer for the Arts Council since we first moved here. That has involved every thing from cleaning up construction and triming trees to creating flyers for events and acting on stage in the Holiday Melodrama. I made a pretty good villain if I do say so myself. I also volunteer for the RMRT. For several years I have worked in the set and prop shop. And ... in 2011, I provided local images for the big screen at the back of the set for "Almost Heaven"

Along the lines of making your own fun, we often host a dinner and a movie night - its about 40 miles to the closest movie theatre. Its also 17 miles to the closest supermarket. But, its only 200 yards to the nearest trail head.

I am also a computer nerd, and a jazz fan. I have combined the two to build a music system for our home. Its based on a computer running an Access database system. All of our music is in the computer and the house is wired for sound. We have speaker systems all over the place including on a deck overlooking Shadow Mountain Lake and on our covered "Jacuzzi" deck. After some good exercise, its nice to put on some good tunes and soak in the Jacuzzi.

Since I am a nerd, you just know that I built this website. It's hand coded in HTML and you may have noticed that it keeps growing and changing.

Oh, I almost forgot, I grew up in the Los Angeles area, I went to Alexander Hamilton High School. And, after attending UCLA, I worked in Aerospace for 37 years.